Grandmaster Russell Wood of Australia is still competing in his seventies.  After many years as a dominant force in sparring, he now focuses on poomsae, breaking, and other technical events.  In 2014 he won four gold medals at his country's National Championships and a bronze medal at the World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships.  At the 2015 Australian Open he captured five gold medals.   

Grandmaster Chi Duong uses a ridge-hand strike to destroy cement blocks in this 2014 photo.  He is a five-time USA Taekwondo National Champion and two-time silver medalist at the World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships.

In this 1978 photo Grandmaster Son Myung-Soo, President of the Royal Tae Kwon Do Federation of Canada, demonstrates the power of a jumping front kick.  He began his lifelong study of the martial arts in 1955. 

Speed, power, flexibility, and balance combine for this impressive breaking demonstration by Grandmaster Young A. Kwon of Massachusetts.

A youthful Grandmaster Bobby Kim shows what a high kick is all about.  He used this kick often during his film career to knock out the bad guy standing behind him.

   An early photo of Grandmaster Ki Sung Chang executing a flying kick.  Grandmaster Chang has devoted his life to teaching "whoever loves learning Taekwondo."   He notes that his interest in supporting the growth of Taekwondo "will continue to the end of my life."    

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