In this 1989 photo,Grandmaster Manuel Jurado practices a high side kick at the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico.  Below, Grandmaster Jurado at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, where he

captured a bronze medal for Mexico

as Taekwondo made its Olympic debut.  

At age 72 ​Grandmaster Russ Johnson is an active tournament competitor.  He is a two-time USA Taekwondo National Champion and World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships bronze medalist. 

Grandmaster Brian Huff continues to devote his life to learning and teaching Taekwondo.   He is a long-time

student of Grandmaster Woojin Jung, one of Taekwondo's pioneers in America.  

​In this 1973 photo, above, ​Grandmaster Eduardo Castor works on his kicking technique in the dojang.  He holds the distinction of being the first student promoted to black belt by Grandmaster Bobby Kim.   

Above, Grandmaster Chang Lee demonstrates an impressive flying side kick during an outdoor training session.  Below, he teaches a student all about high kicks to the face.  He is one of Taekwondo's true pioneers, and his dojang is known as one of America's best.

Grandmaster Woojin Jung: author, publisher, philanthropist, and lifelong student of Taekwondo.  He strives to bring all nations closer through the martial arts.  He is shown here at Chunji Lake on Baekdu Mountain.

The Ancient Warrior Society photo collection

Grandmaster Michael Whang of Lindfield, Australia, is president of the Korea Martial Arts Society.  He was Competition Manager for Taekwondo at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the first Olympic Games for Taekwondo as a full medal sport.  Above, left, he delivers his signature flying side kick.   At the right he is pictured with his two sons.