Great Grandmaster Hwang Kee, 1914-2002, was the founder of Moo Duk Kwan.  The Ancient Warrior Society's board of governors elected him to membership in 2014.      

About The Ancient

Warrior Society

​​The Ancient Warrior Society honors an elite group of Grandmasters who have devoted their lives to the advancement of Taekwondo in America and around the world.  Among the criteria used in selecting new members are the following:

 -- number of years devoted to Taekwondo;

 -- recognition by his or her Taekwondo governing body, including rank, achievement awards, and letters of commendation;

 -- success as a teaching master, coach, or competitor;

 -- ongoing service to Taekwondo as an author, referee, tournament sponsor, or spokesperson.

​  Membership in the Society is by invitation only.  There is no application process of any kind, and only current members of the Society can recommend candidates for consideration by the Board of Governors.  The Society elects no more than 15 new members per year.  When researching new members, the Society considers the individual's full body of work and not only his or her tested rank.  For this reason the Society may, at its sole discretion, award membership at a rank higher than that recognized by the candidate's Taekwondo governing body.